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Ultrasonic sensor network target tracking system design...
2014-01-28 04:01:45
The bureau puts the examination ultrasonic sensor circuit design...
2014-01-28 04:01:21
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About us
Manorshi Electronics Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturers of acoustic components in China. We can supply all kinds of acoustic and security components such as Piezo Ceramic Elements, Piezo buzzer, Magnetic buzzer, SMD buzzers,Mechanical buzzers,Sound Alarms, We also make Ultrasonic sensor, Distance measuring sensors, Which have Water proof type and Open type, And other related products such as Speakers. Our products are widely used in electric appliances, computers, cordless phones ,alarm systems and parking systems. Backed by professional engineers and advanced equipment, we assure the best quality products, competitive prices, and fast delivery. If you have any enquiry about our products, Pls contact us now.
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Piezo Buzzer - MSPS14A
14mm Internal drive Piezo Buzzer  Size:14mm*7mm  -5V/12vdc 4000Hz buzzer  -with circuit build in  -Buzzer alarm  -RoHS & REACH...  They mainly used for Home appliance, Medical equipment,etc..
Self-driven piezo transducer - MSPS42A
42mm Internal drive Piezo Buzzer  Size:42mm*16mm  -12v/24vdc 3000Hz buzzer  -with circuit build in  -Buzzer alarm  -RoHS & REACH...  They mainly used for Car alarm System.
Magnetic Buzzer - SM13ES10A
Small size SMD magnetic Buzzer, More than 30 types SMD & SMT buzzers for your choice. Different shapes and sizes. High sound pressure, LCP and tape package, Rohs compliant.
Ultrasonic Sensors  MSO-AT1640H12R
Distance measuring sensor
1)Dimension:16.2*12.2mm, Frequency:40kHz.
2)Open structure and dual use
3)Compact and light weight.
4)High sensitivity and sound pressure
5)Less power consumption,High reliability
Ultrasonic Sensor  MSW-A1840H12TR
This type always used for park system. They can dual use as transmitter and receiver. Special shape to meet the different needs of customers.
1)Dual use(TR)
3)Measure distance: 20cm~300Cm