Changzhou Manorshi Electronics Co.Ltd. Manorshi Electronics Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturers of acoustic components in China. We can supply all kinds of acoustic and security components such as Piezo Buzzer(Active), Piezo buzzer(passive), Magnetic buzzer(self-Drive), SMD buzzer, Mechanical buzzer. en-us Changzhou Manorshi Electronics Co.Ltd. High Frequency Piezo Tweeter 40mm-49mm ≥50mm≥50mm_1522.html Magnetic Transducer 1mm-9mm 10mm-19mm 20mm-29mm Piezo Buzzer(Active) A Piezo buzzer is made from two conductors that are separated by Piezo crystals. When a voltage is applied to these crystals, they push on one conductor and pull on the other. The result of this push and pull is a sound wave. These buzzers can be used for many things, like signaling when a period of time is up or making a sound when a particular button has been pushed. The process can also be reversed to use as a guitar pickup. When a sound wave is passed, they create an electric signal that is passed on to an audio amplifier. 0-20mm 0-20mm 21mm--29mm 30mm--39mm 40mm--49mm ≥50mm≥50mm_1532.html Magnetic Buzzer(Self-Drive) 1mm--9mm 10mm--19mm 20mm--29mm Mechanical buzzer 0-20mm 21mm--29mm 30mm--39mm Piezo Ceramic Element

Piezoelectric sound components include piezoelectric diaphragms and piezoelectric buzzers. They were widely used in various needs of the voice prompts or warnings occasions and devices, such as piezo sound alarm and piezo ringer.

Ultrasonic sensors waterproof

They are enclosed type ultrasonic sensor, Waterproof and anti-dust,They are suitable for outdoor using. Such as dirty and wet condition. But can’t use under water. They used for Remote control and park system.

open structure

They are open type ultrasonic sensors and suitable for home using. They have good sensitivity and sound pressure. Different size from Φ10 to Φ16. Favored by customers because of the low cost, good performance.

Mylar Speaker SMD Buzzers 0-10mm 11-19mm 41mm--50mm Piezo Buzzer(Passive) 0-20mm 21mm-29mm 30mm-39mm Piezo Siren Car Parking Sensor