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Ultrasonic Sensor MSW-A2540H12TR

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    Ultrasonic Sensor MSW-A2540H12TR

  • Model No:  MSW-A2540H12TR
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  • Ultrasonic Sensor  MSW-A2540H12TR

Detailed Product Description

 Water proof type ultrasonic sensors were widely used for parking sensors, proximity sensors and level sensors, etc. With perfect seal these sensors can be used in a relatively poor environment such as dust and humidity.

Ultrasonic Sensor-W25A40TR


Center Frequency


Transmitting Sound Pressure Level

110dB min

Receiving Sensitivity

-72dB min

Ringing (ms)

1.2 max

Capacitance at

1Khz ±20% 2400 pF

Max. Driving Voltage (cont.)


Total Beam Angle

-6dB 30° typical

Operation Temperature

-35 to 80°C

Storage Temperature

-35 to 80°C

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